Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

From 25th to 27th November, on the occasion of the The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, when the title of Formula 1 World Champion will be awarded, Ferretti Group will deploy some of the masterpieces of the “Scuderia” Riva and Custom Line. The models on the display are, Riva Iseo, Riva Aquariva Super, Riva 68’ Ego Super, Riva 76’ Perseo, 88’ Domino Super, Custom Line Navetta 28, Custom Line Navetta 33 Crescendo.

We are honored to be present for the last, decisive race of the World Formula 1 Championship for the second consecutive year with Riva, proud to be official sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari, and with two of the Custom Line masterpieces. – Alberto Galassi, the Ferretti Group CEO.

In collaboration with Art Marine, official Riva dealer for Egypt, UAE, Qatar and Oman, the Group will showcase these Made in Italy jewels at the exclusive YAS Island Marina Formula 1 racetrack, making them available for visits and dedicated sea trials taking place during the entire racing weekend.

Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
Riva Iseo

Thanks to the unique design and great handling, Riva Iseo is perfect for anyone wishing to enhance their yacht with an exclusive tender with waterjet propulsion. In response to the growing demand for infotainment, it is the first yacht of its kind equipped with an entertainment system and GPS charts built for the Apple iPad platform.

Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
Riva Aquariva Super

Riva Aquariva Super is characterized by soft and elegant lines, precious woods on deck worked artfully (mahogany inlaid with maple) and precious leather trimmings. Symbol of timeless charm, the Riva Aquariva Super quickly became a cult boat on all continents, just as had happened to the legendary Aquarama, an unparalleled dynasty style and elegance.

Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
Riva 68’ Ego Super

Riva 68’ Ego Super presents new solutions for the interior and exterior layouts, making the yacht even more comfortable. An accurate, in-depth study of every detail and solution has accompanied the harmony of shape and elegance of volume of 68’ Ego Super. The astonishing results are fully in keeping with the Riva tradition, elegant and innovative.

Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
Riva 76’ Perseo

Riva 76’ Perseo coupé yacht is the perfect extension of a fleet of authentic masterpieces in Riva’s recent production, including Ego Super and the 88′ Domino Super. From the very first glance, it impresses with sportiness and elegance, thanks to the distinct choice of colors. The aggressive look is further enhanced by the more than 40 square meters of glass surfaces: the large windows in the hull, used on both sides, is composed of two elliptical surfaces are connected to each other by the Riva logo, made of polished stainless steel.

Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
88 Domino ‘Super

88 Domino ‘Super offers extraordinary standards in terms of style, comfort and performance. The first impact is fascinating, thanks to the sleek and aerodynamic profile, further enhanced by the original hull color, the dark gray “London Grey” in contrast with the light gray “Moon Grey” superstructure. She boasts the new sundeck that enhances the boat’s sportiness offering additional comfort to the guests; the large windows in the hull, characterized by an aggressive design; the stern area, revisited, that complete sense of the yacht dynamism.

Riva and Custom Line to Exhibit at The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
Custom Line Navetta 28

Custom Line Navetta 28 expresses for 100% the DNA of the brand and the series, which takes the form of “made to measure” maxi yachts and designed to travel long distances enjoying a wonderful living experience.

Various innovative solutions inherited from its “sister” yacht, the Navetta 33 Crescendo flagship: the patented Dual Mode Transom, the completely revolutionized outdoor aft area offering enormous advantages in terms of convenience unique to Ferretti Group, safety and comfort, the great new and innovative hull windows installed for the first time on this model for the four guest cabins and an entertainment facility unmatched in the category.



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