Rolls-Royce Collaborates with The Who’s Frontman Roger Daltrey, on the Duo of Bespoke Cars

Remember the gorgeous Rolls-Royce “Inspired by Music”? This year the luxury marque is willing to enhance the collection with a series of remarkable collaborations with some of British music’s most iconic names. The first collaborations to be announced in this collection are with the rock star and The Who’s legendary frontman, Roger Daltrey. Nine Wraith “Inspired by British Music” motor cars will be commissioned by famous English musicians and a proportion of the value of each motor car will be donated to charities including the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Rolls-Royce Collaborates with The Who’s Frontman Roger Daltrey, on the Duo of Bespoke Cars

The project was conceived by portrait photographer Alistair Morrison who was astounded by the Wraith “Inspired by Music” when he was visiting the marque’s global centre of excellence in Goodwood, England.

I am currently working on a series of photographs commissioned by The Who’s, Roger Daltrey, entitled “Rock Stars Legacy” – in essence it brings together the crème of the British music scene in one truly iconic image. On seeing Wraith “Inspired by Music” and in learning about the way Rolls-Royce patrons collaborate with the marque’s Bespoke Designers, I saw an opportunity to express the spirit of this project, in revealing the personalities and musical legacies of these music icons through the medium of these extraordinary motor cars. – Alistair Morrison

Roger Daltrey is committed to commissioning two cars. The first will reflect his own personal music legacy and feature elegantly expressed pieces of iconography from the Who’s history, including the band’s famous “bullseye” logo and a laser-etched depiction of Daltrey’s famous microphone swing to the car’s door-flights. For his second car Daltrey worked with artist Mike McInnerney, creator of the famous album artwork for The Who’s seminal album, “Tommy”. McInnerney will work in close collaboration with the artisans in the marque’s surface finish centre to create an extraordinary expression of the album’s iconic sleeve design. This, the last of the nine cars to be built, will be auctioned for the Teenage Cancer Trust in April 2017.

Rolls-Royce Collaborates with The Who’s Frontman Roger Daltrey, on the Duo of Bespoke CarsEach of these very special collaborations will represent a one-of-a-kind commission. Collectors will be invited to acquire these extraordinary representations of automotive and rock history through the marque’s European dealer network. The two Roger Daltrey cars are the first of nine collaborations with British music icons set to be announced. Further details will emerge as the cars near completion at the marque’s global centre of excellence in Goodwood.


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