Rose House by Sergey Makhno Architects

A dreamlike project Rose House was created by Sergey Makhno, a modern Ukrainian designer, founder and director of Sergey Makhno Architects and architect Alexander Kovpak. Measuring 160 square meters, the guesthouse is made of concrete, weathering steel, glass and water and attracts attention with its clean mod silhouette.

Rose House is a paradise for those, who prefer quiet retreat in the solitude of wild nature. Located in the remote area, it is surrounded by serene landscapes with panoramic views of the forest. The steel exterior, which is fully immersed in the wild nature, is juxtaposed with the inner part of the building, which is open and fragile due to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The huge windows take advantage of spectecular views and blur the boundary between exterior and interior. The layout is designed as a freely flowing space with transforming functional zones.

Rose House by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsThe blooming red walls granted the gorgeous building its name. In order to water a concrete flower the architect created an artificial pool bordering with a terrace from the one side. In the mountain house water becаme a material of the same importance as concrete, glass and steel.

Sergey Makhno creates collections of unique objects, successfully builds houses, hotels and cottage towns, implements interior spaces for apartments, restaurants, offices and boutiques with his personally designed furniture and décor elements, and engages in social projects. The main directions for Makhno Architects are contemporary minimalism, eclecticism, and loft styles.

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