Salcombe Gin Distillery Launched Unprecedented Yacht Delivery Service

Gin delivery service to yacht? Yes, please! Last month Salcombe Gin Distillery has launched unique gin delivery service to visiting yachts, the first of its kind in the South West. Within 10 minutes after ordering, co-founders Angus and Howard will deliver Salcombe Gin hamper to your yacht in their stylish and powerful custom Ribeye powerboat. The service will take you back £100 (around $130) per hamper (including delivery).

Salcombe Gin Distillery Launched Unprecedented Yacht Delivery ServiceEach beautiful Salcombe Gin hamper has all you need to create the ultimate sundowner aboard – a 70cl bottle of the multi-award winning Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’, four Fevertree tonic waters, two copa style gin glasses, a copper gin jigger measure, a pair of tongs, a bottle opener, plenty of ice and a ruby red grapefruit for the signature garnish.

Salcombe Gin Distillery Launched Unprecedented Yacht Delivery ServiceThe hand distilled Salcombe Gin is made from thirteen carefully selected botanicals distilled with the finest English wheat spirit and blended with pure Dartmoor water to produce a gin of extraordinary quality. Inspired by the history of the Salcombe ‘Fruiters’ that imported citrus fruits and spices to England from the Azores, West Indies and Mediterranean in the 19th century, distillery uses a precise blend of grapefruit, lemons and limes to give gin a refreshing citrus edge. Liquorice adds a touch of sweetness and green cardamom helps lengthen the finish without ever being overly dominant, whilst chamomile flowers and bay leaf provide a balanced floral note.

Salcombe Gin Distillery Launched Unprecedented Yacht Delivery ServiceThese citrus and floral aromas and flavours work in harmony with the heady, earthy and resinous pine notes of the finest Macedonian juniper, selected for their high limonene content, combined with the warming spiced citrus notes from English coriander seeds grown by one of our suppliers and selected to our specification. Cubeb berries from Java provide fruity peppery heat balanced with warming spice from cinnamon bark. Salcombe Gin is distilled according to the ‘London Dry’ standard.


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