Salvatore Ferragamo Announces “Customize Your Tramezza” Bespoke Service

Salvatore Ferragamo launches an exclusive made-to-order “Customize Your Tramezza” men’s shoe initiative, that presents elegant new styles and customization options. The bespoke service is conceived to accentuate the exceptional quality and construction of the iconic Tramezza shoes, the most prestigious in Salvatore Ferragamo men’s footwear.

Salvatore Ferragamo Announces "Customize Your Tramezza" Bespoke ServiceLaunched on October 5th, “Customize Your Tramezza” program allows to customize Ferragamo’s footwear styles based on client’s personal tastes. The service further elevates the complexity of the signature Tramezza process, in doing so celebrating the artisanal practice at the heart of the Salvatore Ferragamo House. Taking three classic typologies from the iconic men’s footwear line – the Oxford, the Monkstrap, and the Monkstrap Boot – the program offers detailed customization of each style, material, color and buckle finish, along with personalized lettering on the sole, creating countless unique combinations. The customization process can begin either in-store or online.

Salvatore Ferragamo Announces "Customize Your Tramezza" Bespoke ServiceThe hand-finished leather shoes are created using the Tramezza technique. A thick but flexible layer of leather is positioned between the insole and sole of a shoe, not only for stylistic purpose, but also to make it stronger and durable. Shoes created in this process undergo 260 separate phases with each pair requiring more than six hours of work by a shoemaker. More than four days is also taken to shape the upper portion of the shoe.

Salvatore Ferragamo Announces "Customize Your Tramezza" Bespoke ServiceUpon completion, the pair of Ferragamo bespoke shoes is housed in its signature red shoebox, which is designed to resemble a small personalized trunk.


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