Sculptural Cabernet Franc “Decant” Bottle by Karim Rasheed and Stratus Vineyards

The futuristic Cabernet Franc “Decant” bottle is a design collaboration between Stratus Vineyards and Global Industrial Designer Karim Rashid. Inspired by the Stratus’ philosophy of “form followed by function”, the design of this limited edition bottle epitomizes the elements of vineyard diversity. Inside is a special Cabernet Franc, of which only 110 cases were produced, which was fermented with indigenous yeasts and bottled unfiltered on the lees.

I wanted to create an iconic bottle that metaphorically deconstructs the traditional bottle while adding functionality. I’m very proud of the bottle and it still proves that all archtypes need to be revisited and, even more so, that every brand must differentiate itself in the 21st century. – Karim Rashid

The outstanding industrial designer Karim Rashid explained that he wanted to deconstruct the conventional wine bottle and chopped it up into four pieces.

Sculptural Cabernet Franc "Decant" Bottle by Karim Rasheed and Stratus VineyardsThree angular blocks contribute to the futuristic style of the bottle; the middle, larger section shifts in the opposite direction to the sections above and below, to create a handle for holding and pouring the wine. The bottle’s impactful design is also quite functional:  the ridges provide more grip while pouring than a rounded bottle and they trap and withhold any sediments during pouring (the wine is left on its lees to allows it to age for longer, and improve its aroma and taste).

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