Skyacht One Is an Aeronautical Masterpiece

Skyacht One is a chic private jet and a volant incarnation of a custom yacht from the 1930s

Skyacht One breaks the beige barrier. Technology from the future masterfully wrapped in the handmade luxury of the past, one mahogany plank at a time.

Skyacht One parades over 4,000 cubic feet of cabin space suffused with a yacht-style luxury. The creation of SottoStudios, the opulent aircraft is actually a yacht that can fly, so its hefty price tag of $83 million is not surprising.

Skyacht One concept is made on the basis of an Embraer Lineage 1000E private jet, that flaunts a range of 4,600 nautical miles. Every plank of the private plane is the example of the exhaustive attention to detail. Skyacht One comes into notice right away due to its hand painted “trompe l’oeil” mahogany “hull” and towering vertical stabilizer.

LuxApproved: Skyacht One

Rich mahogany continues its story inside the sumptuous Skyacht One. The boundless interior space features main cabin, master suite with master bath and shower, conference and chart rooms and gallery. SottoStudious philosophy of Innovative Luxury, finds its expression in the style of the chartroom. Housed in a marquetry mural, a planetary Clock, the Fornasetti rug and the Galley are used to highlight the luxury of the British Campaign style. Skyacht One’s bulkhead walls are planked and pegged just like on a yacht.

LuxApproved: Skyacht One

The main cabin features a lavish Sofa and Cocktail Bar with television for entertainment. To support the yacht ambiance, the inlaid paneling and window “portholes” are lined in brass, nickel and mahogany. SottoStudious nautically inspired SkyPorts run the length of Skyacht One. The Intelligent cabin lighting samples the view and changes color to compliment the time of day.

LuxApproved: Skyacht One

Lined in padded suede, the master suite is the epitome of luxury. Bookmatched Macassar walls, paneled ceiling and the silk Cellarius Carpeting, inspired by 14th century star maps, will take your breath away. The matching bath and shower feature a bejeweled “throttle” inspired faucet with a lit gauge that controls temperature over a walnut and gold sink.

LuxApproved: Skyacht One

LuxExposé can’t but praise SottoStudios, a creative solutions company that focuses on revitalizing and extending brands as experiences, for developing Skyacht project, which we believe is a real piece of aeronautical Art.



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