SkyRanch Lets Imagination Be The Air Of Your Mind

If you want to summon your dreams, then create big! SottoStudios uses its ultimate creative power to facilitate the actualization of its newest plane concept, SkyRanch. Taking the concept of flying yacht to new heights, Los Angeles-based creative solutions firm demonstrates that luxury is not a product with a price tag, it is a feeling exclusive to an individual.

SkyRanch Lets Imagination Be The Air Of Your MindAs with Skyacht One, Embraer’s Flagship Lineage 1000E is the preferred aircraft of SkyRanch, however SottoStudios promises to adapt the design to any aircraft or refit. The style of plane concept is a sophisticated example of American vernacular. The interior oozes elegance with bleached woods, soft wool, light gray leatherhorn-legged tables, onyx counters, and modular seats modeled on layered European saddles. These seats are surrounded by hand engraved controls and fitted with woven leather, inlaid horn, english wool and other rich materials and allow infinite combinations. And if owners decide to stick with the recommended Embraer’s plane, they will get the innovative jet that boasts the biggest window in private aircraft. This feature is only available on Lineage 1000E.

As SkyRanch is a state of mind, so its design can be adapted to fulfill the requirements and meet the expectations of the owners.  If they do not see what they’re after, SottoStudios offers all the finest elements of custom design to create a bespoke aircraft that reflects the lifestyle of its owners.

SkyRanch Lets Imagination Be The Air Of Your MindThe Aspen and The Dallas color schemes are the choices the clients have in tailoring their SkyRanch. Both are accentuated with Hermes “burlap” inspired wall coverings and the softest stitched suedes and leathers.



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  1. Your readers may also want to know that Embraer is the innovator behind the biggest window in private aircraft (shown on the Ranch) and it is only available on their flagship Lineage 1000e.

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