The $450 Bubble Ball & Wand Is an Ultimate Crowd-Pleaser at Any Party

A whimsical childhood classic reaches maturity through luxe materials and serious style.

There’s nothing more fascinating than watching fragile bubbles soaring through the sky. The design brand OTHR has managed to create something that charms even more than rainbow-collared spheres. Dubbed the Bubble Ball & Wand, it is an intricate set that includes ceramic base, crafted in 3D printed porcelain and 3D printed plated with 14K gold wand. Each wand s embedded with a unique number to reflect owner’s participation in its creation.

The $450 Bubble Ball & Wand Is an Ultimate Crowd-Pleaser at Any PartyWhether it makes its debut at a party, wedding, or simply on the shelf, the Bubble Ball & Wand is a stunning object of art. The $450 set is “unique in that it transforms an ephemeral object—a plastic toy that will likely get thrown away—into a unique piece of functional and fun art that you can own for generations.”

Bubble Ball & Wand was conceived by Lance McGregor, the designer from New Jersey. He recalls that “one day, I was at the beach with my kids and we were blowing bubbles. The activity of blowing bubbles is so cool and beautiful that I thought, Why not make this into a luxe item for adults?” The two-piece set is hand-finished on demand in Brooklyn. By using technologies such as 3D printing, OTHR avoids the necessity to create more objects than there are homes for. Their products do not physically exist until the client chooses to own one.



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