The Art Of Giving by Louis Vuitton

In January 2017, Louis Vuitton launches The Art of Giving collection of lavish leather-bound pencils, notebooks, bookmarks, photo frames as well as luxuriously finished painted porcelain plates. The collection includes 30 homeware products and accessories, divided into the categories of “The Joy of Writing”,  “The Joy of Decorating” and “The Joy of Gaming.”

The Art Of Giving collection is set to launch in-store worldwide on January 2. The extravagant goods, that will be priced somewhere between $94 to $887, are inspired by the collection of precious objects from a 1920s catalogue.

The luxury range of must-haves like notebooks, desk blotters, a patchwork leather teddy bear named Louis, yo-yos, an ultra chic monogrammed pencil holder and Plexiglas frame, is created as a tribute to the history of French Fashion House and will be decorated with Louis Vuitton’s symbolic logo stamped on multiple pieces.

The luxe gifting was Louis Vuitton’s thing since the 1920’s when the fashion house debuted a catalogue series dubbed “Le Cadeau ou la Bonne Manière” (“The Gift or the Art of Good Manners”) which allowed shoppers to create gift lists (or personal wish lists) in stores.



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