The First Ever Rolls-Royce Boutique Opens in Dubai

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled its first ever “Rolls-Royce Boutique”, a social hot-spot that brings the spirit of Rolls-Royce’s Centre of Excellence in Goodwood, England to Dubai, UAE. The new space boasts the favorable location right at the centre of Dubai’s City Walk, a globally recognised luxury and hospitality hub. The product of a multi-million dollar investment from AGMC, the new facility spans 7,300 sq.ft. and features top-to-bottom vectorized pixel-animation screens on the external windows, visible to passers-by from the road and sidewalk. Moreover, Rolls-Royce Boutique is the only venue in City Walk that will have year-round valet parking for its guests.

The First Ever Rolls-Royce Boutique Opens in DubaiThe permanent Rolls-Royce Boutique has been created to maintain the same spirit as the marque’s highly successful Summer Studio in Porto Cervo, Sardinia and to integrate spaces that offer the ambiance of the Centre of Excellence in Goodwood, England. The Boutique is set to become a place to see and be seen for the region’s most discerning and eminent patrons of luxury.

This is achieved through a curated series of experiential areas including: an Inspiration Studio, Bespoke Atelier, Interactive Spirit of Ecstasy, Pinnacle Café, Affinity Partner Display, Virtual Reality Configurators and staging for Bespoke one-of-one motor cars or newly-launched collections.

The First Ever Rolls-Royce Boutique Opens in DubaiThe Inspiration Studio will be a display for unique examples of Rolls-Royce Bespoke motor cars as well as the marque’s full Bespoke palette. The space also features an Interactive Spirit of Ecstasy Wall, which uses motion-capture technology to allow visitors to briefly transform themselves into the iconic statuette that garnishes every Rolls-Royce motor car, and an interactive configurator to help customers conceive initial ideas for their own Bespoke vision.

The Bespoke Atelier is filled with thought-provoking textures, themes and colors, giving customers the opportunity to explore the possibilities that cutting-edge, Bespoke design allows. The displays of paints, marquetry, exotic woods, leathers, piping, tread plates and accessories such as picnic hampers and Gold-plated “Spirit of Ecstasy’s have been selected to stimulate discussion and nurture creativity, helping to inspire customers when commissioning their own unique Rolls-Royce motor car. The centerpiece is a stunning piece of original art from Syrian artist Khaled Al Saaei, depicting the Spirit of Ecstasy in Arabic Calligraphy.

The First Ever Rolls-Royce Boutique Opens in DubaiThe Pinnacle Café is a space for Rolls-Royce customers to unwind, meet with friends, or even host business meetings in an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere. Rolls-Royce will invite other luxury brands to display their rarest and most unique items in the Affinity Area, with the displays regularly changing, thus providing further inspiration to visitors and also creating a luxury shopping boutique feel for customers.

The First Ever Rolls-Royce Boutique Opens in DubaiThe Rolls-Royce Boutique is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days a week.



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