The Miryang Pool Villas by Moon Hoon

South Korean architect Moon Hoon of the design firm MOONBALSSO, has created a set of four villas that come in a daring pink hue and are perfect for real-life Barbies. The Pink Korean Villas, that are situated between Miryang and Ulsan, offer sweeping views across the surrounding terrain, while being simultaneously separated by defined lines. Each unit will boast its own terrace and swimming pool.

The shape of the plot where the villas by Moon Hoon will be located offered many potential layouts, however the client specified that privacy for each unit was a main priority. The architect has decided to use the hot pink shade to outline each dwelling’s outdoor space, direct sightlines, and ensure privacy for each occupant.

The Miryang Pool Villa features one duplex and three single level dwellings with glazed walls that face the mountains. Each pool is outlined by a collection of small pebbles.  Since the client specified that privacy for each unit was a main priority, the upper level of the duplex has been angled away from the remaining villas to prevent occupants from feeling as if being watched. Moon Hoon has conceived the Pink Korean Villas as minimalistic residences with simple interiors.


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