The Straight-From-The-Mars Experience by Freedomes and the SunCity Camp

Freedomes, a leader in geodesic domes production and temporary structures based in Poland has partnered with the SunCity Camp, located in the heart of Wadi Rum, Jordan, to recreate the straight-from-the-Mars experience with glamour and luxury. Freedomes has successfully created spherical dome for American sci-fi thriller “The Martian” by Ridley Scott. Due to their great strength, reasonably low weight and compact size for transport, geodesic domes are ideal choice for creating human bases on a distant planet or in the desert.

The SunCity Camp, which is  magnificently designed to offer the visitors of Wadi Rum all what their casual camping needs, has just equipped with 20 Martian-domes to create a unique habitat in the scenery closely resembling the surface of the red planet. The domes come from the glamping line of the Freedomes’ sister brand F.Domes. The new Saudi Beige shade of the structures blends naturally with the sandy and rocky scenery. All domes are fully furnished and feature a private bathroom and the panoramic window.

Except for the Mars-like habitat, the SunCity Camp features 30 fully equipped en-suite tents measuring 20 square meter each. The tents include clean outlets, colorful carpets, low seating and Bedouin themes. The guests of the sight will appreciate fantastic jeep tours to scenic and archeological sites nearby and those who prefer other means of transportation can have a camel safari arranged. A ballon flight will enrapture everyone wishing to reach for the sky, however, the real out-of-this-world treat awaits the stargazers at night.


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