The World’s Biggest Carbon Fibre Sloop Baltic 175 Pink Gin VI, Is Delivered

The spectacular new yacht Pink Gin VI, created by the world’s leading carbon composite yacht builder Baltic Yachts, has been launched. The boatbuilding yacht recently hosted a series of events demonstrating the company’s achievements. The Next Generation of Superyachts Symposium attracted 50 leading industry players and the world’s superyachting press who listened to key speakers including Pink Gin VI owner Professor Georg Näder. He flew in 140 guests for a spectacular christening ceremony and party.

Symposium attendees and Rendezvous sailors had the chance to view Baltic Yachts’ latest launching, the Baltic Yachts 175 Pink Gin VI. Professor Hans Georg Näder has invited to company’s workers and Rendezvous sailors for a marvelous christening ceremony and party. Families and friends enjoyed a relaxing day and evening of music, barbecued food and the now famous Pink Gin signature aperitif. Up to 150 children of Baltic Yachts’ workers, who were there to see what their parents have achieved, were invited aboard the world’s biggest carbon fibre sloop. Music, a top DJ and racing in the company’s three new sailing dinghies named Lighter, Stiffer and Faster, helped set the scene for a day of entertainment for all.

The next Baltic Yachts Symposium looking at the future of superyachting will be held in Palma in 2019.



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