This Futuristic Floating Island “Project Utopia” Boasts Enough Space to Create Micronation

One of the world’s leading independent design consultancy BMT Nigel Gee in partnership with Yacht Island Design, developed Project Utopia, an avant-garde vision of a future concept of floating island. Not a vessel to travel on, the floating island is a place to live. Taking into consideration that it measures 100m in length and breadth, and spans over 11 decks (the equivalent volume of a present-day cruise liner) it is capable of housing hundreds of people.

This Futuristic Floating Island "Project Utopia" Boasts Enough Space to Create MicronationA highly creative folks from the studio Yacht Island Design accept the fact that Project Utopia might be perceived as an extravagant expression of architecture, however they hope that there are visionaries who will be able to understand the paradigm shift and see the future as being totally unconstrained. The floating island sits on a four legged platform that hold up the upper decks with reinforcement from a central pillar. Each leg is fitted with engine and with four of those, the whole structure can be redeployed at slow speeds. A large central structure bisects the water surface acting as the conduit for the mooring system which is a critical element of the design, as well as housing a wet dock for access by tenders.

This Futuristic Floating Island "Project Utopia" Boasts Enough Space to Create MicronationThe main accommodation and service spaces span some 11 decks with the uppermost deck covered by a retractable canopy. Inside features include swimming pools, a theater, a casino, and a bar to a private docking station, convertible decks, and up to four heliports. There is an observatory with 360 degree views, which takes the occupants 65m above the water surface.


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