Timur Bozca Presents Sarco, a Luxury Vessel that Represents a New Era of Boat Designing

Timur Bozca is one of the boldest and most innovative designers nowadays who works at all scales and in all vehicle sectors. He has completed a number of creative design projects already and today we are looking at the latests motor yacht concept  Sarco from Turkish designer.

Timur Bozca Presents Sarco, a Luxury Vessel that Represents a New Era of Boat DesigningThe 19-metre luxury boat Sarco is Timur Bozca’s progressive vision of contemporary boat designing. Her striking overall exterior design, was inspired by the head of the Ferocious Sarcosuchus Crocodile, an extinct genus of crocodyliform and distant relative of the Gavialidae that lived 112 million years ago. The 19-metre luxury motor yacht, which is characterized by her reversed bow, aims to deliver “more performance, more luxury, more innovation”, and has a “very strong and fastback appearance,” according to Timur Bozca.

Due to the usage of advanced materials and technology, the yacht’s design goes beyond the standard rules of boat designing. As Sarco is aimed at the luxury market, her styling is sleek, modern and flamboyant and her exterior aesthetics are inspired from clean, sophisticated shapes of luxury products. The yacht concept features a large master cabin with private head, a small galley and all the amneties you can imagine on a yacht of this size.

Sarco is fully capable of reaching a very impressive speed of 53 kn, and could easily take passengers from Monaco to St Tropez in only an hour and a half. Built from carbon fiber, this stunning powerboat will allow its passengers to enjoy smooth cruising and the sound of two MTU V10 2000 M94 engines.


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