Tyga Promotes 24kt Gold-Flaked Champagne LeGrand La Vie Doree

Grammy-nominated multiplatinum hip-hop star Tyga took to social media to promote a line of sparkling wine LeGrand La Vie Doree. The rap artist flaunted the bottles of lavish champagne on Instagram with the caption: “My new champagne 24kt gold in the bottles yeeeeeeee.” He showed off Brut and Rose versions of LeGrand La Vie Doree that will be released later this month and are available for pre-order for $84.99 and $94.99 a bottle through Florida-based BevFly.com.

LeGrand La Vie Doree BRUT is made from the three main grape varieties of Burgundy which results in the fineness of Chardonnay and the delightful freshness of Aligoté. La Vie Doree Rose is made exclusively from Pinot Noir and contains all of the characteristics of the highly reputed wines from Burgundy. Its delicate color and unique aromas are obtained through a short maceration of the Pinot Noir. The freshness of a salmon robe along with its fine, even foam attracts the eye. Its enchanting, fruity nose as well as its fine effervescence completes its charm.

LeGrand La Vie Doree Brut and Rose are made with 24 Karats gold flakes, the purest form of gold. This gold comes from a French family of gold-beaters with 300 years of heritage. The gold bars are crushed and hammered into sheets, then reduced to tiny flakes of edible gold.

Tyga is one of today’s most successful and provocative rap artists having been first signed by Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label and collaborating with Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and others. He is now signed to Kanye West’s GOOD Music (Interscope Records) in partnership with Last Kings Records.


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