The Ultimate in Cognac: Chapters of Ampersands Et No 1

A collaboration between Swedish Art Glass Crystal and the house of Tiffon Cognac, Chapters of Ampersands Et No 1 Cognac is a Grande Champagne blend containing eaux-de-vies dating back to 1870

Chapters of Ampersands


The Swedish company Chapters of Ampersand, headquartered in Gothenburg, has long been synonymous with cutting-edge design, high quality and an example of true luxury. Chapters of Ampersands has teamed up with Tiffon Cognac to launch a luxury limited edition expression Et No 1 Cognac to emphasize and combine the Swedish crystal and art tradition with the unique taste of cognac.


Chapters of Ampersands Et No 1 Cognac is a blend of two 1943 and 1974 Cognac’s from the Grande Champagne region, and another pre-Phylloxera Cognac from 1870. Phylloxera is a tiny insect destroyed the entire vineyards in France when it entered the country in the late 19th Century, the leading cognac blenders make a composition made entirely out of cognac which pre-dates the arrival of phylloxera in France.


The expression has been created through a collaboration between Cognac Tiffon Maitre de Chais Richard Braastad and Chapters of Ampersand master blender, Folke Andersson with only 300 bottles released. Being portrayed as having a nose of “apricot, toffee, vanilla and liquorice”, the limited edition has been bottled in a bespoke glass “art vessel” designed by Swedish artist Göran Wärff. Each Chapters of Ampersands Et No 1 Cognac bottle is been numbered and signed with a Certificate of Origin. The crystal bottle of $8,175 Et No 1 Cognac, is housed in an oak casket lined with a blue silky fabric, the perfect addition to the riches contained inside.



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