Ulysse Nardin Executive Moonstruck Worldtimer

Ulysse Nardin has unveiled a new Moonstruck Worldtimer, which is the only watch that can depict the movements of the moon and sun in relation to the Earth, as well as a map of the tides. The timepiece recreates the moon’s orbit and the apparent movement of the sun around the globe and its intuitive display hides a sophisticated mechanism that provides an unusually accurate indication of the phases of the moon.

In the center of the dial, the Northern Hemisphere is depicted as seen from above the North Pole. Six o’clock in London represents the Greenwich meridian, marking Greenwich Mean Time. Three concentric discs turn around this fixed map of the world. The outermost circle features a symbol representing the sun. This solar disc, which completes one revolution in 24 hours, also sweeps over a display of 24 time zones and is equipped with a day/night indicator. These markings control the Worldtimer function, allowing the wearer to simultaneously display the time in the 24 cities inscribed on the internal flange.

Ulysse Nardin Executive Moonstruck WorldtimerThe moon appears on a lower orbit. Two discs, one on top functioning as a circular window showing the position of the Earth’s satellite and the golden one below shows the changing phases of the moon, are working together. By separating this unique display into two rotating parts, Ulysse Nardin has accomplished such a high level of precision that the time lag for each lunar month is just 5.7 seconds per day, or one day in 40 years.

Fitted with silicium technology, and entirely designed and produced in-house, the self-winding calibre UN-106 housed in the Moonstruck Worldtimer once again offers a date function, on a track encircling the world map. Push buttons at 8 and 10 o’clock enable the wearer to quickly move the time forward or backward by one hour – a very handy feature while travelling or when switching to summer time.


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