Unplug From Reality inside the PurePods Vacation Home

PurePods private experience is an unforgettable offering that promises a total immersion in the best of Pure New Zealand in safe, dry and warm surrounding. Located on private land and remote enough for guests to feel discreet and private, every PurePod is made from the highest quality toughened, double- and triple-glazed glass. Not only the walls, but also the floor and the ceiling are transparent so that even a patented underfloor heating system beneath the glass floor does not impede guests views of the plants. The isolation of a tiny glass hut completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world.

Unplug From Reality inside the PurePods Vacation HomeThe uniqueness of the PurePod experience is that guests are safe, warm, dry yet totally involved in all of the nature around them. The comfort inside each hut is achieved through the use of solar power batteries to heat the water, gas for the barbeque and cooktop, and bio-fuel in the winter months for extra heating and hot water.

The latest technologies allow PurePods to maintain pure water and sustainable waste management. The water and the waste are sourced and safely disposed of within a few hundred meters of the PurePod. You won’t find here wifi or TV, the pod is equipped with a USB outlet and a bluetooth speaker to help meditate inhaling fresh air, taking time to reflect and experience nature at nature’s pace.

Unplug From Reality inside the PurePods Vacation HomeAvailable for $490 per night, the PurePod offers all the facilities of luxury hotel, including a fabulous shower, flush toilet, crisp linen, cooking and eating equipment including a gas hob and barbeque, tea coffee and milk. Noteworthy that every PurePod has unique local offerings of food and drink. Guests can pre­order a dinner and breakfast food package when making reservation and depending on the location, Kaikoura (Kahutara and Manakau) on the South Island and Little River which is located one hour from Christchurch.


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