URWERK Introduces The TimeHunter X-Ray

URWERK goes beyond the traditional horizons of watchmaking once again and introduces the TimeHunter X-Ray, a limited edition of 15 timepieces. The new watch is enhanced by electronic functions that provide a diagnosis of its timekeeping performance, in other words, the TimeHunter X-Ray gives its owner the active role of getting the best performance from his timepiece.

URWERK Introduces The TimeHunter X-RayURWERK’s new precise mechanical watch with a proprietary movement was designed, developed and manufactured in the watchmaker’s Zurich workshops and adjusted in Geneva. Its movement complies with the highest quality standards. Its timekeeping functions are adjusted in five positions during a 30-day test to reach chronometer standards.

URWERK Introduces The TimeHunter X-RayThe easy to read TimeHunter X-Ray features a central dial with black hours and minutes hands coated with white SuperLuminova. A rotating disc showing the seconds at 1 o’clock is balanced by the power-reserve indicator at 7 o’clock. The EMC TimeHunter’s performance indicator showing its rate (± 15 seconds a day) and balance amplitude on demand are at 10 o’clock.

URWERK Introduces The TimeHunter X-RayThe back of the watch reveals the movement and the rate-adjustment screw, one of the key features of this watch. Noticeable in the movement is the cover of the twin barrels that houses the optical sensors measuring the oscillations. The sensors are linked by a tiny cable to the electronic components to its right, which can be seen behind a lattice. Next to the integrated circuit board can be seen the stacked twin barrels.

luxexpose-timehunterx-ray-1The rate of a mechanical watch depends on its position in space as well as its temperature, meaning that two identical timepieces with different owners might show a different weekly gain or loss. By pressing a button the owner of an EMC TimeHunter watch can find out the rate of his watch and adjust it accordingly. This interactive feature enables the owner to adapt his watch to his lifestyle and the changing environment.


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