Waterford Ctreates the Avión Collection Gift Set for Tequila Avión

Tequila Avión has partnered with luxury crystal maker Waterford, to create the Avión Collection, crystal sipping decanter gift set. The limited edition collection consists of a fine crystal decanter and pair of rocks glasses. The exclusive set was designed to provide tequila aficionados with a truly elevated sipping experience, helping aficionados enjoy the full aromas and flavors of this exemplary spirit.

The true tequila aficionado is a growing group that is as informed as their counterparts in whiskey or wine these days. We have certainly witnessed an increase in the number of people sipping tequila either neat or on ice. You really understand the amazing aromas & complex flavors when you let high quality tequila stand-alone vs. mixing.  In partnering with Waterford for the Avión Collection, we set out to provide consumers with a specially designed glass and decanter that allows one to fully appreciate the rich sensorial experience of Tequila Avión. – Martin Williams, Senior Marketing Manager of Tequila Avión

Inspired by the blue weber agave plant, the decanter and glasses were designed to resemble a freshly harvested piña, the heart of the agave plant. The iconic wings of the Tequila Avión “lying agave” are incorporated in the striking opulent cuts of the crystal. The Avión Collection decanter and glass has been meticulously designed with a slightly bulbous base, which tapers at the top, to allow for a more focused tasting experience; emitting the roasted agave aroma of the tequila with every sip. The ritual of pouring a glass of Avión neat or with the accompaniment of water or ice is further enhanced by the tactile cuts within the crystal creating the perfect grip to the luxurious weight of the Waterford decanter and glass.

The Avión Collection is available at ReserveBar.com for $399.


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