Live A Life Less Ordinary In A Waterlovt Houseboat

Over a year ago, Dutch entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn became obsessed with an idea of creating Waterlovt Houseboat, a self-sustaining solar-powered luxury living on the water. Later on, he decided to introduce this project in Abu Dhabi and currently the first order for 20 houseboats is being negotiated. Prices will vary depending on location.

LuxExpose WaterlovtHouseboat 2Waterlovt houseboats are designed and engineered in Holland. The luxury living on water is equipped with ultra-advanced installations that were designed to make the owner’s life on board as comfortable as the latest technology permits. As well as providing luxurious living space, the Waterlovt is built as a self-sustaining property.

LuxExpose WaterlovtHouseboat 3Thanks to a desalination plant, owners can enjoy their own clean, fresh water. With a maintain digester, the organic waste can be recycled and converted into energy. And, with the help of solar panels and batteries, the appliances can be run on electricity that residents generate and store themselves. Smart glass, advanced airco, and a special floor with cooling (and heating) capabilities ensure a climate that is pleasant all year round.

Live A Life Less Ordinary In A Waterlovt HouseboatThe high-end water unit is introduced in four variants. The Waterlovt 90 (72 x 29 ft) features an internal area of 969 sq ft with two bedrooms, while the two-bedroom Waterlovt 120 is a little larger at 88 x 29 ft with 1,292 sq ft of internal space. The 72 x 29 ft Waterlovt 180 has 1,938 sq ft space and can accommodate two to four bedrooms. Last but not the least, the Waterlovt 240 measures 88 x 29 ft and boasts 2,583 sq ft of space with four bedrooms.

Live A Life Less Ordinary In A Waterlovt HouseboatThe next-generation houseboats are created for a luxurious “future-proof” mode of living. Each vessel can produce around 3.5 kilowatts per hour of solar energy, which powers onboard air conditioning, a washing machine, television, and also charges the houseboat’s battery to supply power at night. Safety features include automatic leak detection that is linked to the pumps and detection alarms for smoke and carbon monoxide.



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