The World’s Largest Bugatti Showroom Opens in Dubai

The inauguration of the largest Bugatti showroom in the world on Sheikh Zayed Road in the centre of Dubai, is the first event in the Chiron’s tour of the Arabian peninsula. For the opening of the new luxury address on the Arabian Gulf, the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car travelled to Dubai before beginning its tour of the region.

Bugatti showroom in Dubai is the 15th location in the brand’s global dealership network. Bugatti’s long-standing sales and service partner in the UAE Al Habtoor Motors, has been the official dealer partner for the United Arab Emirates since 2006 and a Bugatti Service Partner of Excellence since 2013. With 30 orders received for the Chiron, Bugatti UAE is the brand’s most successful dealership underscoring the high importance of the Arabian peninsula as one of Bugatti’s key sales markets. All in all, the region accounts for 26 percent of orders received for the Chiron and it features the largest Veyron fleet, with about 55 vehicles.

Bugatti UAE boasts impressive 240 square metres of space. The entrance features the legendary Bugatti horseshoe, which is almost 4 metres high. Inside the building customers and guests are welcomed into a specially designed lounge area equipped with furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection. Here, customers can configure their Chiron in a private atmosphere. The extraordinary technical achievements and design of the Chiron are presented using exhibits and animations on large screens. In the heritage section, visitors can learn about the Bugatti brand values.



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