YNOIR Headphones: Your Music Never Looked This Good

YNOIR is a Swedish audio-fashion start-up that delivers an elegant piece of audio jewelry which looks as good as it sounds

Swedish audio-fashion start-up YNOIR creates something we were all waiting for, the minimalist yet glamorous headphones that sound just at good as they look. The centerpiece of the wearable audio headset is a central focal point made in either yellow, rose, or white 18K gold. Each pair of YNOIR headphones will have a starting price of $300.

YNOIR Headphones: Your Music Never Looked This GoodYNOIR’s strategic decision to debut their headphones in Italy in the ears of well-dressed fashionistas isn’t accidental since the key to their business model is striking that fine balance between personal style and audio experience.

YNOIR Headphones: Your Music Never Looked This GoodOur headphones make a bold fashion statement in an elegant way but we are equally proud of the sound which has been two years in the making from an engineering standpoint. No matter what type of music you listen to, music is emotion and attitude. We feel this should be reflected in the way you listen to it as a personal statement. – Patrik Slettman, one of four founders of YNOIR

YNOIR Headphones: Your Music Never Looked This Good

The limited edition of  YNOIR’s headphones will officially be available on June 14th in Florence, Italy, at the world-famous Italian fashion fair Pitti Uomo, and will be sold through hand-picked fashion and accessory retailers in Stockholm, New York City, Miami, and London, as well as online at YNOIR.com.



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